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 Do you want to learn how to attract, meet, flirt with and seduce women? Do you want to learn how to get laid? Do you want to learn how to get a girlfriend no matter what you look like, how old or poor you are?

Are you confused by all the dating manuals out there claiming that they can get you laid by ANY women at ANY time? Guys like David DeAngleo (DoubleYourDating.com), Mr. L. Rx (DatingToRelating.com), Mystery (TheMysteryMethod.com), Neil Strauss (StyleLife.com), Ross Jeffries (SpeedSeduction.net) and sites like Seduction-Chronicles.net. Take a look at just the TOP 5 ALEXA Sites  which are ranked by the amount of traffic visiting the site – just checking out these top 5 sites is quite a task and quite confusing.

WHO is telling the truth? WHO can really help you?

Well if you feel confused, I am here to help you sort out some of the confusion. Because I was confused too. Fortunately, I make enough money that I could buy these programs and a whole bunch more and test them out. It took a lot of my time (3 years to be exact), but in the end, some of the programs were worthwhile.  Some were not as worthwhile ….

Now if you are like me, and you are shopping for a “dating manual” or a “how to meet women” manual, you want something that 1) works, 2) is easy to do (doesn’t require a huge personality change) 3) can work on the street or at the mall as well as on online dating sites, and 4) tells you how to keep a girl in a relationship after you are successful with meeting women and getting a girlfriend. AND

I DON’T want advice that tells me to do stupid things I would never do.

I DON’T want advice that tells me I have to hit up on 100 women to get one. (I want to get the girl I want!)

And I DON’T want to get a girl’s phone number then she never calls me back. Or I DON’T want to get a girlfriend only to lose her 3 weeks later or worse yet before I even get laid!!! (Unfortunately these things have happened to me.)

So I bought a bunch of the dating guru products, and I am happy to report I am now much more comfortable and much more successful in approaching women. ACTUALLY I learned something from most ALL the products I bought. They all had at least some wisdom and something worthwhile to say- BUT there were only 3 systems out there that I felt delivered the most for the money. And to save you time and effort I am going to rate these sites on the following features:

  • Feature 1: Effectiveness – DOES IT WORK? HOW WELL DOES IT WORK?
  • Feature 2: Is it EASY? How easy is it for a regular guy to do?
  • Feature 3: Does it have follow through? Does it teach you how to keep a girlfriend once you get her, or does it leave you high and dry and on your own in that department.

Our # 1 Choice “DATING TO RELATING – FROM A to Z”
# 1 – Dating To Relating!Rating 9.5/10

Effectiveness 9.5
Ease of Implementation 9.5
On and Offline Techniques 9.5
How To Keep A Girl 9.5

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Dating To Relating – from A to ZAbsolutely the BEST product out there.The education you get from this book is tops. No matter what you are looking for you will get the answers here. If you want quick brainless techniques – they are here. If you want sophisticated intellectual understanding of women – it is here. It is not just a bunch of pick up lines, and techniques (although it gives you that too.) It is a complete education about women and what works.

What is unique about this book is that the techniques presented are SITUATIONAL and will work for any type of guy and they will work on any type of girl that you are interested in. So if you want to purchase a book that will have a very high probability of actually working for you, this is it.

That is what we liked about this book and system. None of the other books and systems we reviewed had total SITUATIONAL data that covers ALL situations. The author, Mr. L.Rx, does not give you just one brainless technique of how to hit up on women in bars or clubs, or on the internet, or how to be successful with one personality type. He covers it all. From bars and clubs, to on the street, in the store, on the internet, etc.

Not only does Mr. L. Rx tell you how to meet women. He tells you how to meet different kinds of women with different kinds of personalities in different kinds of situations. No one else really does this.

Then he goes on and tells you how to attract them, date them, seduce them and establish the exact kind of relationship you are looking for. HE EVEN TELLS YOU HOW TO KEEP A GIRL YOU MEET. He tells you how to make relationships last and turn a girlfriend into a marriage. And for those of you who are interested – he even tells you how to have 5 or 6 girlfriends and keep them ALL without lying to any of them.

NONE of the other GURUS even venture into the RELATIONSHIP data. More importantly he shows you that “meeting women” and “keeping” them are related. The things you do while meeting women can determine if you will have a successful relationship or not.

Probably the best thing is he tells you how to develop your own technique, so you don’t have to do idiotic things that you don’t feel comfortable with. Personally I’m not in to super hot chicks, because most of the time they are just super “bitches.” I like the average girl, the girl next door. Mr. L. Rx’s writings allowed me to develop my own technique for these type of girls. And none of the techniques I read in other books worked on the kind of girls that I liked. In fact some of the other techniques “blew them away.”

I repeat this is absolutely the most complete and comprehensive product out there. And make sure you get his companion eReport “How I Got 700 Dates In One Year.” Unlike the book, it is just a “system” for meeting women in mass. It focuses on internet and personal ad sites to generate as many dates a day as you want. And just like his book, it works.

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Rating 6.5/10

Effectiveness 7.0
Ease of Implementation 7.0
On and Offline Techniques 6.0
How To Keep A Girl 6.0

Highly Recommended

#2 – Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating is an awesome compilation of data for men.

This is the largest compilation of data to help men ever assembled in one place. Besides the original product David DeAngelo now has scores of other products to help men overcome their fears and “wussiness” with women.

I personally bought his original product and his Dating Guru Interview series on CDs that come out monthly. There is a lot of value in David’s products. I think it is a perfect complement to Dating To Relating above, and I would recommend to anyone who has the extra money to get this product in addition to Dating To Relating above.

The reason being that Dating To Relating teaches you how to develop your own techniques and Double Your Dating gives you a lot of data to help stir your creative juices to help you develop those unique techniques. David has a free daily newsletter that is absolutely great.

The downside is he hasn’t quite put it all together as well as Mr. L. Rx. and although there is a lot of truth in his volumes of data, he ultimately focuses on a strategy and doesn’t quite get the situational approach of Mr. L. Rx. So, David’s approach will work for some guys, but it isn’t a system that will work for ALL guys – Mr. L. Rx’s system is a system that will work for ALL guys and ALL types of girls.

For example, David’s approach didn’t quite work on the “girl next door” types that I like. I tried it and it DID work on some snobby, bitchy girls in clubs, but ultimately I didn’t like these type of girls and I didn’t like being “cocky and funny.”

Still, I would say Double Your Dating is a MUST HAVE for any guy seriously trying to learn about women and dating. His “cocky and funny” technique may not work as well as Mr. L. Rx’s approach, but he gives you a lot of other data about such things as posture, attitude, attraction, how to dress, sexual communication, and various other observations that are invaluable. His interviews with Dating Gurus is also an invaluable source of data.

DoubleYourDating and DatingToRelating are the top two rated “Dating Advice for Men” websites (by traffic – see alexa.com rankings) and I think there is good reason for it. I stress again that getting both of these products is a smart idea. They complement each other and after you get these two products you won’t really need any other.

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Rating 4.0/10

Effectiveness 5.0
Ease of Implementation 5.0
On and Offline Techniques 4.0
How To Keep A Girl 4.0

Also Recommended

Mystery Method
The Game – Neil Strauss

Well you might ask why I am combining the Mystery Method with Neil Strauss’ (Style’s) The Game?
Well for those of you who don’t know, Mystery was Neil’s initial Guru. I’m combining them here as they are more or less coming from the same technique or strategy.

I am including them here (even though I only give them a four-out-of-ten rating) for the following reason. In conjunction with the above two products – “Dating To Relating” and “Double Your Dating” they can have decent value.

Taken on their own, I would not recommend them for the average guy. The techniques that are given here, definitely work, but they only work on a narrow band of what I would label shallow women.

And when you use the techniques on their own  (without the more sophisticated understanding of women put forth in “Dating To Relating” and “Double Your Dating”), you yourself become rather shallow. And a lot of guys won’t be able to (or won’t want to) use the techniques for that reason.
Now, there is not anything at all wrong with being shallow, as sometimes you just want to get laid. But sometimes you want more than that. You are NOT going to get the MORE part from these techniques (unless you just derive it on your own from the sheer volume of experience.)
Mr. L. Rx                         in Dating To Relating, apparently evolved almost the exact same techniques as Mystery on his own and gives them to you in “Dating To Relating” ( And since he is older than Mystery he was probably the first one using these techniques.)

But Mr. L. Rx. also tells you many more techniques. Mr. L. Rx shows you how to pick up the other 80% of women in clubs and the other 90% of women in life that these techniques won’t work on. He tells you how to get a “real” relationship and how to pick up “real” (non-shallow) women.

Mystery and Neil Strauss’ techniques are very powerful and work, but the end product is you might not like the kind of girls you get as a result of this, and you might not like who you are being as you do this.

Plus a major drawback is that a lot of their techniques are just memorized lines. Even Neil Strauss has admitted that “The Game is changing.” So many guys have learned his and Mystery’s pick up lines and routines that women have heard them before and recognize them and men are getting busted for using them.

There are even gurus on the internet who took Mystery’s training and were successful at it, but gave it up and don’t practice it anymore. In one of David DeAngelo’s Interviews, he interviews David M. who had become an Internet Dating Guru and quite frankly states he did not enjoy doing the Mystery Method even though he graduated and was successful at it.

So if you can more or less learn the exact same techniques plus a lot more from Mr. L. Rx, why then am I also recommending Mystery/Neil Strauss?

The value of these materials is similar to what I said in the Double Your Dating section above. Mystery goes into more details about the method than Mr. L. Rx does. So, if you are really interested in being a “player” as your life’s ambition, there is value in getting this information in conjunction with Mr. L. Rx’s data.

Mr. L. Rx actually gives you more techniques to be a player with, but Mystery gives you more in-depth information on this one strategy with this one “type”  of woman than Mr. L. Rx does. Mr. L. Rx gives you more tools to create “pick up” strategies with, but Mystery and Neil give you a lot more information that you can create with once you get and understand Mr. L. Rx’s tools.
The value of Neil Strauss’ book “The Game” is that it gives you a very interesting sort of historical application of the techniques to think with. Again, this can be very useful.

Neil has also evolved Mystery’s techniques on his own and will give you a slightly different but similar perspective on things and has his own website and workshops in addition to his book “The Game.”
So, if you are the kind of guy like me who is very interested in being very skilled at this “meeting women” stuff, then I would say these materials (The Mystery Method and “The Game”) are also a MUST for your library in addition to “Dating To Relating” and “Double Your Dating.”
However, I would caution you. These materials aren’t going to work for a lot of guys. These materials aren’t going to create satisfying relationships for a lot of guys (even if they do get you laid). And these material aren’t necessarily going to make you feel good about yourself (unless you have perhaps very low self esteem.)
Taken on their own, they are moderately effective as they do work, but only on a certain kind of shallow insecure woman. They are moderately easy to implement (unless you have moral issues with “bullshitting”), but they are not geared for internet dating and are not going to teach you how to really relate to a woman and keep her as a girlfriend. (Unless she is totally superficial and remains so the rest of her life.)
So final evaluation, if you are rich and/or obsessive like me, get these materials in addition to Dating To Relating” and “Double Your Dating” but don’t bother getting them as your main training system. They probably won’t work for most guys.

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Where from here? We recommend Dating To Relating
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